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Jon Davis Success Story

On June 10, 2014, the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship program (ACE) held its first annual Business Competition & Celebration, where it gave an award to the three highest-scoring students. For six months, students worked diligently to acquire new skills in our pragmatic curriculum, in which they learn how to complete their business plans, to prepare and execute a four-minute business pitch, and to develop a booth concept to display their products and services. For the competition, each student was judged individually on three items: the business plan, the business pitch, and the booth display.
The second-place winner of the competition was Jonathan “Jon” Davis, Practice Manager at Rustebakke Veterinary Service, where he manages 14 employees.

Growing up on a farm and a ranch with multiple family pets, Jon’s love for his four-legged friends turned into a passion for caring for animals. For over 30 years, Jon has sold animal-health products and he brings a wealth of animal-health knowledge to the Rustebakke team. Jon’s passion for animals and for his career was evident as he was pitching his business plan to the audience and to the panel of judges. His goal is to take an already booming business and to make it even better, by applying his knowledge and his skills obtained through the ACE program to ensure that the business runs smoothly in all aspects.

When he was asked what differentiates Rustebakke Veterinary Service from the other veterinary clinics in the LC Valley, Jon replied, “Customer service is a top priority. We treat our customers like family and we treat their pets as if they were our own.” Rustebakke strives as well to provide quality care at a reasonable price. The veterinarians can make house calls, and they have traveled as far as Oregon to treat a patient. Rustebakke offers both chiropractic care and also acupuncture treatments for pets. There is currently one other known clinic in the LC Valley that provides acupuncture for pets.

Jon’s reason for joining the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship program was to challenge himself and to push himself to the limit. He knew that he would need guidance from ACE to help the business to expand and to grow. Also, he set himself the goal to graduate from the program at the top of the class, which he accomplished!
Congratulations, Jon! We are very proud of you, your hard work and your dedication.
“We treat them all, big or small!” -Rustebakke’s motto

Contact Information:

Jon Davis

705 15th Street

Clarkston, WA  99403

Tel: 509-758-0955